SylphAudio FB100 Ultra-High Performance Stereo Class-D Amplifier RTR Kit

$176.00 USD

Designed with advanced PFFB without compromising the TPA3251's output power, resulting in remarkably low distortion and minimal noise output. Its IMD, high-frequency distortion, and other metrics stand out as best in class.

The heatsink employed is ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3 (designed for TPA3255), with a large PCB board area, ensuring sufficient heat dissipation and thermally stable operation. Additional heat spreader has been placed on the preamp section to ensure cooler and more reliable operation.

The preamp section utilizes a split power supply, eliminating the need for an additional set of input coupling caps on the preamp frontend. This configuration allows for only one series input coupling cap in the signal path per amplifier, eliminating any coloration, or haziness that additional input coupling caps might introduce to the overall sound. The module comprises four single-ended amplifiers, configured with 2-channel differential inputs and 2-channel BTL outputs.

Additionally, it features dedicated post regulators for each preamp rail and a separate post regulator for the TPA chip supply.

Oversized film capacitors for the class-D output filter and Zobel network, and flat wire output inductors have been meticulously selected to improve the overall sound quality.

Package Includes
1 pc FB100 module (stereo BTL).
2 pc female 2.54 mm 3 pin connector.

Supply Voltage: 24V DC min to 38V DC max
Unclipped Power (38V Supply): 55W-8Ω, 100W-4Ω
Input sensitivity: 4V RMS
Voltage Gain: 14dB (5V/V)
Input configuration: Fully Differential
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: ~5W at 38V DC
Footprint: 137mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Gross packed weight: 450g

Recommended Power Supply
- 36V to 38V DC Single supply SMPS 200W or higher.
- DO NOT use power supply with split rails.
- LOF350-20B36-C or Mean Well LRS-200-36
- Use 34V DC for unregulated "linear" supplies

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