SylphAudio D100 P03 Stereo Class-D RTR Kit

$118.00 USD Coming Soon

Version P03,
Changes from D100 version P02 includes:
- Default mode is non-PFFB
- Input coupling caps is Elna Silmic II (Same as P01)
- 31dB Non-PFFB gain on SE (Same as P01)
- 10.5dB gain on PFFB enabled (Reduced gain from P02)

Package Includes
1 pc Sylph-D100 P03 stereo module.
2 pc female 2.54 mm 3 pin connector.

Supply Voltage: 24V DC min to 38V DC max
Unclipped Power (38V Supply): 50W-8Ω, 100W-4Ω
Power at 1% THD+N: 70W 8Ω, 125W 4Ω
Voltage Gain: BAL 25.1dB (18V/V), SE 31dB (36V/V)
Input configuration: SE / Balanced (solder jumper)
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: ~6.5W at 36V DC
Footprint: 133mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Gross packed weight: 400g

Recommended Power Supply
- 36V to 38V DC Single supply SMPS 200W or higher.
- DO NOT use power supply with split rails.
- Mean Well LRS-200-36 or LRS-150-36
- Use 34V DC for unregulated linear supplies

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