SylphAudio D100 Low Gain, High Performance Stereo Class-D RTR Kit

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This amplifier module is designed to deliver high-quality sound with exceptional midrange clarity and transparency. It is based on the TPA3251 chip, which is known for its superior performance in these areas.

The module features a versatile input section that can accommodate both differential and single-ended signals. This makes it compatible with a wide range of audio sources.

The opamp buffer section has been designed with a split supply, which eliminates redundant coupling caps in the frontend audio path. This enhances sound transparency and allows for better detail retrieval.

The module is equipped with the same official ATS heatsink for TPA3255 EVM that ensures efficient heat dissipation. This allows the amplifier to operate at its best performance levels, even when driving demanding loudspeakers.

The module also features solder jumpers for slave settings and accessible OSC IOM/IOP pads under the PCB. This makes it easy to configure the module for multi-device setups.

Latest version: P02, with PFFB mode
reaching -102dB THD+N at 5W 4Ω

Package Includes
1 pc Sylph-D100 P02 stereo module.
2 pc female 2.54 mm 3 pin connector.

Supply Voltage: 24V DC min to 38V DC max
Unclipped Power (38V Supply): 50W-8Ω, 100W-4Ω
Power at 1% THD+N: 70W 8Ω, 125W 4Ω
Input sensitivity - SE: 2.5 Vrms
Input sensitivity - Balanced: 5 Vrms
Voltage Gain: BAL 12dB (4V/V), SE 18dB (8V/V)
Input configuration: SE / Balanced (solder jumper)
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: ~6.5W at 36V DC
Footprint: 133mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Gross packed weight: 400g

Recommended Power Supply
- 36V to 38V DC Single supply SMPS 200W or higher.
- DO NOT use power supply with split rails.
- Mean Well LRS-200-36 or LRS-150-36
- Use 34V DC for unregulated linear supplies

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