SE800 PFFB High Power Class-D Amplifier

$88.00 USD Coming Soon

Rugged and super-stable high power PFFB implementation by SylphAudio.

All switching housekeeping supplies, which enables wide supply voltage range and very low idle power dissipation.

Can be used with a 2Ω load if powered with a lower supply voltage around ± 60V DC and can reach 800W output (burst signal).

PFFB reduces load dependency and improves noise and distortion.


Supply Voltage: dual ± 25V min, ± 85V DC max
Unclipped Power (<1% THD+N, ± 85V): 350W-8Ω, 700W-4Ω
Input configuration: Differential / Single Ended
Output configuration: Single Ended
Input sensitivity: 2.5V RMS
Voltage gain: ~26dB
PCB area: 140mm x 70mm
Overvoltage Protect: ±89V to ±91V DC
Undervoltage Protect: none, UVLO @ ±12V DC
Speaker Protect: none, requires external SP

Recommended Power Supply
±60V to ±85V DC, 1000W LLC switching, dual voltage output