2pcs SylphAudio D400M PFFB TPA3255 PBTL Mono [Archived]

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Designed for audio quality, superb soundstage and silky smooth highs that rivals high end audio amplifiers.

Solder jumper for slave setting, OSC IOM/IOP pads are under the PCB for multi-device configuration. (SLAA787)

Header jumpers for BAL/SE input configuration, and PFFB enabled/disabled configurations.

For partially assembled option, these items are not yet installed:
8pcs 1800uF 63V 18mm bulk caps
2pcs heatsinks: ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3
4pcs o/p inductors: VER/AGP2923-103KL

For RTR option without heatsink, the following ATS heatsinks are compatible:
Available on Mouser or Digikey



Package Includes
2 pcs Sylph-D400M RTR module
Options: with heatsink and without heatsink

TPA3255 Supply Voltage: 26V DC min to 51V DC max
Unclipped Power @50V Supply: 100W-8Ω, 200W-4Ω, 400W-2Ω
Input sensitivity SE (PFFB disabled): 1V RMS
Input sensitivity SE (PFFB enabled): 2V RMS
Input sensitivity Balanced (PFFB disabled): 2V RMS
Input sensitivity Balanced (PFFB enabled): 4V RMS
Input impedance: 10K Ω
Input configuration: SE / Balanced (header jumper)
Load impedance: 2Ω, 4Ω, or 8Ω
Footprint: 110mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Over voltage protection: No
Overheat protection: Yes

Recommended Power Supply
- Single supply 51V SMPS (350W or higher).
- DO NOT use power supply with split rails.
- Use 43V-45V for unregulated supplies

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