SylphAudio D400M P05 TPA3255 PFFB Mono PBTL RTR Kit

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TPA3255 in a mono PBTL PFFB configuration.
250W into 4Ω at 1% THD+N.

Signal Options: Offers the flexibility to choose between full differential or single-ended signal options, optimizing the audio experience based on individual setup requirements.

Replaceable Opamp IC Socket: Allows users to tailor their sound preferences by customizing the amplifier's audio signature through interchangeable opamp ICs in the input stage.

Split Supply Design: The opamp buffer section features a split supply design, eliminating redundant coupling capacitors in the frontend input, enhancing signal integrity and clarity.

Super Stable: Can provide 20Hz-20kHz, 600W clipping conditions on 2Ω without going into protection mode.

Protection Features:

TVS Diode: Provides surge protection for the power supply, safeguarding against voltage spikes.

Reverse Polarity Protection*: Prevents damage due to accidental reverse polarity connection, ensuring operational safety and longevity.

Voltage Supervisor IC: Ensures silent turn-on/off transitions, minimizing audible pops or clicks during operation.

Efficient Cooling System: Equipped with the official ATS heatsink for TPA3255, maintaining optimal performance even under intense 2Ω subwoofer setups, by effectively dissipating heat and regulating temperature.

Multi-Device Configuration Simplification:

Solder Jumpers: Facilitate easy configuration for slave settings, simplifying multi-device setups.

Accessible OSC IOM/IOP Pads: Located under the PCB, these pads expand the number of audio channels effortlessly, enhancing system scalability and versatility. (Refer to SLAA787 for detailed instructions.)

*Requires power supply with overcurrent protection.


Package Includes
Sylph-D400M P05 mono, options below
Connectors for RTR options

Supply Voltage: 26V DC min to 52V DC max
Unclipped Power (<1% THD+N, 52V): 115W-8Ω, 220W-4Ω, 400W-2Ω
Input sensitivity - SE: 2.1V RMS
Input sensitivity - BAL: 4.2V RMS
Voltage gain (BAL): 16.4dB (6.6V/V)
Voltage gain (SE): 22.4dB (13.2V/V)
THD+N (5W 4Ω, 1kHz): -98dB
Input configuration: SE / Balanced (header jumper)
Load impedance: 2Ω, 4Ω, or 8Ω
Footprint: 110mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Over voltage protection: No
Overheat protection: Yes
Turn on-off pop suppression: Yes

Recommended Power Supply
- Single supply 51V SMPS, 300W or higher per module.
- DO NOT use power supply with split rails.
- LOF550-20B48-C or SE-450-48 adjusted to 51V
- Use 43V for unregulated "linear" supplies
- Use 51V for 2Ω loads, up to 52V for 4Ω loads

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2 Options
1pc) RTR With Heatsink, With Bulk Caps
1pc module, ready-to-run

2pc) RTR No Heatsink, No Bulk Caps
2pcs modules, ready to run, except that these items are NOT yet installed: (Available on Mouser or Digikey)
- 8pcs 1800uF 63V 18mm bulk caps
- 2pcs heatsinks: ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3